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About Time

2nd - 30th March 2024

Launch: Saturday 2nd March, 2024, at 2.00pm through until 5.00pm 

This exhibition brings together artists who make work about time explicitly, or who explore variations on a theme or subject over time, often over many decades.

Paul Edwards' self-portraits trace changes across a lifetime of working in the studio, ‘a mirror to the world’. Jennifer Allan makes work that is introspective and seeks to make sense of the self. Dilys Jackson makes structures that take as subject pollens that existed in the world before humans, before art and over millennia. Pip Woolf makes work that explores our place on the planet focussing on a combination of practical, physical, emotional, political and philosophical questions. Philip Watkins paints images of the urban environment, he paints ‘in between places’ the kind of place you walk through on the way to somewhere else.

A single image contains time - the time it took to make the image, sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days, and this can be the subject. There are particular transient subjects that are associated with time - light, weather, growth and decay - the things that are fragile and transient. These things are commonplace and observable and can be easily recorded with time-based media, but painting requires different strategies. Monet used repetition in order to observe the light and the weather making thirty images of Rouen Cathedral between 1892 and 1894.

Monet says, ‘Once more I have undertaken things which are impossible to do.’ Taking time as a subject for painting, sculpture and drawing is impossible to do….but then again, it isn’t.
Paul Edwards

(Image: 'A lot of hot air' by Jennifer Allan)

Jennifer Allan 'A lot of Hot Air' .jpg
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