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Virtual Exhibition



Virtual exhibition of abstract art by our gallery artists.

This month’s digital exhibition ‘Abstraction’, features a selection of work by our gallery artists who work in an abstract and semi - abstract style, using shape, form, colour and gestural marks to achieve their desired effect, rather than a realistic depiction of the subject matter. The exhibition brings together a collection identified by a pictorial and expressive vitality that is promoted in this digital show.

Kate Bell’s painting, ‘Incoming Tide’, is full of vivid hues. Her use of broad, expressive brush strokes recalling the energy and power of the sea.  Rosemary Cassidy Buswells, in her work ‘Firenze, cerci e spiralis’ uses gestural brush strokes to achieve a spontaneous effect that is expressive – evoking emotion in the viewer. Phil Alder, in ‘Night Music’, makes use of extensive symbols – rendered in both shape and colour to depict aspects of existence and imagination.

Whereas Alastair Duncan uses barbed wire in his woven tapestry, ‘Conflicting Arguments’ to depict the torment and troubles of Northern Ireland. Bethan Ash’s work immediately transcends traditional boundaries and is inspired by the society around her.

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