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ARTISTS / Anna Hale

After graduating in Ceramics from UWIC and Master Degree in Arts and Health, Anna set up a studio in an old BT Substation in Neath and AH! Pottery began. Anna's is Influenced by nature and pattern, her surrounds and sometimes what the ceramic pieces remind her of.

All of her pieces are handbuilt in white earthenware clay fired to 1000⁰C and then glazed and fired to 1060⁰C in an electric kiln, making each piece unique and individual.

  Anna works freely to the structure of the piece which influence the decoration, it is important that the work is colourful and has movement. Function is also important and vessels are made so they can be used by people as well as being aesthetically pleasing and unique.


Anna currently works as a Teaching Assistant and in evening, weekends and holidays go to the “shed” to make her handmade ceramics. She also runs workshops and have public artworks in Chepstow and Gellinedd Hospital. 

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