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Blooming Lovely!

2nd - 30th April 2022

Throughout history, people have seen flowers as vessels to project all kinds of meanings and messages. At our happiest and saddest, at our birth and death, flowers have always been by our side. Perhaps we see a reflection of ourselves in them, full of life and fragile at the same time.

Association is the theme of the Blooming Lovely exhibition. Flowers have instilled in us great meaning. In turn, we cultivate flowers to help convey our deepest emotions, signal change, and celebrate life stages. Humans and flowers are stimulated by one another, reacting to each other to learn and grow.

We are proud to show the work of: Nicola Gregory, Sylvia Paul, Helen Elliott, Lesley Dearn, Maureen Carlson, Fiona Joyce, Beatrice Williams, Mike Jones, Paul Rossi, Rosemary Cassidy  Buswell, Tony Botto, Pippa Sykes, Eva Czarniecka, Vicky Washbourne, Janice Davies, Heather Littlejohns and Elizabeth Clifford.

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