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ARTISTS / Heather Littlejohns

Heather Littlejohns is a watercolour artist from Mumbles, with a teaching background, whose subject matter and inspiration are taken from the natural beauty of the Gower coastline and its surrounding countryside. She walks daily, often sketching as she goes, sometimes painting in situ, but more often, returning to her studio at home to paint. 

Her main objective is to capture the mood and spirit of a place or person.  Focusing on the ever changing light, sea, sky and coastline, she experiments with various techniques and mediums which combine with her traditional use of watercolour, where her careful observation and depiction of breaking waves can be described as "Abstract Realism."

As a result her style has become much freer over time and this can also be seen in her landscapes. 

In contrast, Heather's carefully observed paintings of natural objects, such as shells, plants or feathers, with their subtle colour changes and textures, provide the perfect subject matter for her. 

At home, family members and her cats are often unwitting models, along with people going about their daily lives, such as walking their dogs on the beach.

Heather's chosen medium is watercolour due to its unique qualities, its freshness, its translucency, and its unpredictability!

Heather has work in private collections and has show in both solo and shared exhibitions in Wales, including The Swansea Open.

In 2023 she was awarded first pirze at The Queen Street Gallery Open. Heather is an original member of the Mumbles Art Collective. 

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