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ARTISTS / Kushuma Holyoak

I am inspired by the natural world, the beauty that surrounds us.  I love colour. I love looking at it, mixing it, using it.  I am an observer by nature.

My most informative education in art occurred during childhood. Although I have learnt a huge amount from more formal training, it's that freedom, delight, wonder and sense of investigation that I had as a child, that was my starting point.


Fortunately, I was left to paint for hours, which I did throughout my  childhood, encouraged by being allowed - my first qualification. I have continued to paint throughout my life.


I was born and grew up in Surrey and in my mid-twenties moved to west Wales where I lived for more than 12 years. During this time I was fortunate enough to have Mary Lloyd Jones as my teacher - she greatly inspired me and continues to do so - she encouraged a sense of liberation in my approach to painting.


I now live in a remote part of Dartmoor in Devon.  Whether l am on the land, with its many shapes and forms, layering up colours that I have observed in nature, or looking at simple everyday things and seeing their beauty, it is the connectedness of everything that inspires me - that everything is to be celebrated including the spaces in between.


During the last few years I have created several flower gardens and that interaction as well as the wildlife it attracts, is also a source of inspiration.

Life itself is very magical to me in all its diversity and beauty and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it all.


During my life I have travelled a great deal - lived abroad and exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad. 

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