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ARTISTS / Linda Hoyle

I have spent most of my adult life working in wood on a large scale, but the development of spinal problems meant I could no longer work in this medium. Much experimentation and soul searching following surgery led me to wire. I found I could capture a sense of an animals character and create something that is both simple and complex in its own way.


Working in wire has allowed me to continue my creative journey through a period of prolonged difficulty, and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops as I embrace new challenges.  

I have always been inspired by nature and in particular animals. I try to create pieces which capture elements of personality and movement.

Wire is a versatile  material and twisting and weaving it together strand by strand creates a strong structure representative of the strength of the animal, while the open pattern of the weave suggests the delicacy and vulnerability inherent in all living creatures.

I have worked on many commissions and have sold pieces all over the world. I am currently spending some time in rural France to explore new inspiration and am looking forward to a number of exhibitions here which I have been invited to take part in.

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