ARTISTS / Maria van -Tintelen

I grew up in a village in Wiltshire in the UK. It is an exceptional place to live, peaceful and freeing, and the landscape is so beautiful ,I guess that’s where a lot of my influence has come from over the years, even if I didn’t know it until later in life.

I have always been a creative person, as a small child I found endless hours of fun in creating, trying anything I could get my hands on, it was my safe place and still is. I married in my twenties and focused my energies on family, its only in later life that I picked up my paint brush again.

I love to create art with purpose if it is a landscape its often about life’s journey. If it is an abstract piece, it will have a thought proving message behind it, often about the value of an individual. I like to make art that is connected to who we are, through our life experiences good or bad. I am a firm believer that nothing in life is ever wasted. I want my art to speak beyond the intellect of man and start an internal conversation …I want my art to be meaningful

I am an  intuitive painter, and every painting is a discovery  I tend to approach the canvas spontaneously  ,and I often don’t start the same way each time .I do however feel that with any piece preparation is important,  I will spend time quieting my spirit .

I love vibrant colours and often layer my work; this creates depth and draws in the eye. I use different tools for mark making and often add texture. I love to add gold within my work, it has become my signature.