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A virtual exhibition of Welsh art by Queen Street Gallery artists now showing in Wales Week London.

27th February - 6th March 2021.

In Welsh art the traditions and sensibilities of our Celtic ancestors frequently surface in contemporary artwork. The media we use and the ways in which we use them are as diverse as our inspirational starting points.

The word Origin opens a wider perhaps philosophical vision. It encourages a more searching enquiry into, amongst other possibilities that inform our work. The origin of our ancient language, the old legends and the more homely family reminiscences and history in its widest sense, all give rise to work that convinces because it is deeply felt.

It can also be a more open vision; our ideas, our work, what are THEIR origins, from where does inspiration come?

The germ of an idea, germination, a seed, a single cell, these are all origins from which the potential for growth is immense, all give rise to work that convinces because it is deeply felt and can relate to past, present, and future, where we are, have been or want to be....

Over 100 artworks in a variety of style and media will be on show from 27th February 2021


Artists: (Alphabetically) 

Alison Moger,

Anna Hale,

Beatrice Williams,

Bert Evans,

Bethan Ash,

Brenda Evans,

Carol Evans,

Catherine Taylor-Parry,

Chantel Ridley,

David Williams,

Donna Gray,

Elaine Graham,

Felix Akulw,

Geoff Brown,

Graham Parker,

Haf Weighton,

Jacqueline Jones,

Jess Parry,

Kate Bell,

Kushuma Holyoak,

Lesley Dearn,

Lizzie Tobin,

Lloyd Novelle-Jones,

Lynnford Jones,

Maria Pierides,

Maria van -Tintelen,

Maureen Carlson,

Nicola Gregory,

Patricia McParlin,

Paul Joyner,

Paul Rossi,

Peter Evans,

Philippa Sibert,

Robert Harrison,

Roma Mountjoy,

Rosemary Cassidy Buswell,

Susan Sands,

Sandra Wintle,

Steve Roe,

Thomasin Toohie,

Tony Botto

Tracey Lewis,

Valerie James,

Vivian Rhule,

Vivienne Albiston,

Wynne Jenkins

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