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Alice in Wonderland Call for Art

'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll is a beloved classic first published in 1865 and featured illustrations by John Tenniel and was followed by a sequel 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' in 1871. Since it's publication, Alice has had a massive effect on popular cultutre influencing artists, illustrators, filmmakers, writers and many more. From Salvador Dali to Walt Disney, Alice has been retold and reimagined countless times and we are looking for varied and exciting art to exhibit as part of Neath's Art & Literature Festival. ​We're having a call for art of all mediums inspired by Alice in Wonderland by artists of all ages. Chosen art will be on display in Victoria Gardens in Neath from October 18th to 22nd and we are holding an Alice themed Tea Party on Saturday 21st October with fun and arty activities.​ With whimsical characters and settings to work with we think this could be a great opportunity to for artists of all ages to put their own spin on Alice in Wonderland. It could be an illustration or painting based on the story, a sculpture or 3D piece, textile art, anything you could imagine. We encourage you to be as creative and imaginative as possible. ​Entries are to be emailed to Please include a picture of your artwork as well as the title, medium, size, your name and age.

Deadline: 01/10/23

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