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International Textile Exhibition

Remembering the Past: Creating the Future

Attention all textile artists, designers, and creative individuals! We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity to participate in an international textile exhibition inspired by the theme "Creating the Future: Remembering the Past." This exhibition seeks to explore the fascinating world of contemporary textile art by delving into the intricate web of present-day life while drawing inspiration from our collective past.

We invite you to submit your works that delve into common themes of contemporary textile art. By exploring themes such as identity, the body, technology, globalisation, migration, society, culture, memory, the passage of time, and artistic critique of socio-political institutions, we aim to create a thought-provoking and visually stunning exhibition that pushes boundaries and sparks conversations. No need for new work, existing work can be exhibited.  If entering new work, please contact Bethan on the address below.

The festival connected to this exhibition explores the rich history of textile production in Wales, particularly in South-west Wales where there were 325 woollen mills by 1895. With its hilly terrain and plentiful river water, Wales witnessed unprecedented growth in the textile industry, utilizing local sheep wool to create exquisite textiles. Textile art today reflects on the past and envisions the future, becoming a complex examination of present-day life.

Whether you are an established artist or an emerging talent, we encourage you to participate in this international textile exhibition. Come and join us as we celebrate the legacy of Welsh textile production and the evolution of textile art in the present day.

Key Details:

- Exhibition Theme: Remembering the Past: Creating the Future

- Location: Neath, south Wales, UK

- Application Deadline: 1st April 2024

- Delivery of Work Deadline: 5th May 2024

- Exhibition Dates: 17th May – 15th June

- Entry forms with accompanying photographs must be submitted by March 22nd.



1. Miniature Textile: Artists can submit one entry. Maximum dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30 cm. No restrictions on materials or techniques.

2. 2D Textiles and art quilts: Artists can submit one entry. Maximum dimensions: Width of 100 cm, length of 150 cm. No restrictions on materials or techniques.

3. 3D Textiles: Artists can submit one entry. Maximum dimensions: Width of 100 cm, Depth of 100cm, Height of 100 cm.  No restrictions on materials or  techniques.


Submission Guidelines:

-Please submit high-resolution images of your textile artworks along with a brief artist statement (max 200 words) highlighting your artistic process and how your work relates to the exhibition theme.

- Submission Email:

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and be a part of a truly remarkable textile exhibition. Let your imagination soar and bring your unique perspective on contemporary textile art inspired by the history of textile production in Wales. We eagerly await your submissions and look forward to witnessing the fusion of art, history, and creativity.

For any inquiries or additional information, please contact – Bethan Ash,

You can find the entry form and termas and conditions here.

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