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May News

The Way We See It

Our current exhibition on the ground floor, The Way We See It, is a collection of work by artists from across south Wales. Taking direct inspiration from their local environment, each artist has developed a body of work that explores their relationship with the landscapes or interiors that provide a backdrop to their day-to-day lives. Within the remit of canvas painting, The Way We See It exhibits a plethora of styles, ranging from Surrealist-inspired works by Lorraine Howells to the abstract visions of Tracey Lewis. Whether you're a casual exhibition-goer or you’re looking for affordable artwork for your home or office space, this is an exhibition worth visiting.

June Exhibitions

Coming up in June, we are thoroughly looking forward to hosting The Mumbles Art Collective in the main gallery. The Mumbles Art Collective is a group of artists and craftsmen/women who exhibit extensively across the UK. The collective is made up of a number of Queen Street Gallery artists, including Graham Parker, Heather Littlejohns and Kate Bell. With impeccably high standards, The Mumbles Art Collective’s upcoming exhibition encompasses exceptional artworks that will delight the eye and lift the spirit.

Paul Rees now in Studio 40

It’s official - every space in Studio 40 has now been filled. Each room has been made into a unique cove of inspiration. At the start of May, we welcomed Paul Rees into the attic. Rees is a painter and actor from Neath, whose Hoppereque canvases have been exhibited in galleries across Britain. Paul Rees says of his work:

My paintings generally depict actors preparing for a theatrical performance – applying make up and getting into costume in the dressing room, or waiting in the wings moments before stepping onto stage. This (usually hidden) backstage environment is a shadowy, private world inhabited by stage crew and performers, quietly working behind the scenes amongst the scenery, flats, lighting, props and general clutter backstage. I used to sit there at the side of the stage thinking it would make a wonderful painting. You’re there in the gloom with all the clutter and equipment stacked up and you’ve got the glow from the stage lighting spilling backstage slightly and you see the actors waiting silently in the wings looking very excited and very pensive – it can be wonderfully evocative.

Studio 40 Re-brand

Over the past month or so, we’ve been working hard on developing a new face for Studio 40. The new logo, a simple visual riff on the roman numeral IIII, combined with a perfectly cylindrical O, is a dynamic mark which we feel appropriately reflects the atmosphere and outlook of this unique arts centre. The colour palette has shifted slightly too - we decided on adopting a more vibrant colour pink, reflective of the energy and enthusiasm of the people behind this project. Every page of the website has been re-designed too. We opted for bold typography and spacious layouts. Our new website puts particular emphasis on platforming the incredible people who are the engines behind this project - the members, the studio artists, and most importantly, the volunteers who give up their time to drive this project forward.

Alice and Mishka Leaving

At the end of May, Mishka and I will sadly be leaving Queen Street Gallery. Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to us both of the past year. So many of you have brought in treats for Mishka and gone out of your way to make her feel comfortable. As she is a rescue dog, she is naturally very nervous. Thanks for your patience when she would occasionally bark loudly or follow you around the gallery! Please keep in touch if you would like to. My email address is

Scott Keenan, a brilliant illustrator from the Valleys will be taking on the role as gallery assistant from June. Please give him your warmest welcome when you meet him.

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