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Mynydd i'r Môr - Mountain to Sea

Join us for the opening, Saturday 22nd June, 2pm

A joint exhibition featuring work by Colin Davies, David Williams and Sandra Wintle.

June 22nd - July 27th

Part of the Celebration of Welsh Contemporary Painting.

This exhibition is a celebration of the Welsh Landscape. It brings together a collection of paintings inspired by the dramatic scenery of both land and sea.

‘Mynnydd I’r Môr’ (‘Mountain to Sea’) is the result of a collaboration by three artists with a mutual appreciation of the other’s work, but each possessing their own unique way of interpreting a personal connection with their surroundings. Whilst media, styles and techniques vary, each uses an expressive, fluid style to create a vibrant depiction of the rugged beauty of the Welsh coastline and mountains. The work on show is inspired by their own experience of a place and the images it generates in the imagination. It is hoped that this exhibition will evoke memories and emotions, both past and present, that are important to all of us.

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