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October News

So Long to The Summer

Summer is always a great time of year for Queen Street Gallery. With visitors venturing from far and near to get a taste of the many attractions of Wales, it’s great to see so many new faces. Add to that the sunny weather, and you're guaranteed to see a spring in the step of Queen Street Gallery visitors.

That being said, there’s never a bad time to visit your local art gallery. As the nights draw in and the atmosphere becomes more sombre, tottering off to an independent gallery can be the perfect cure for your winter blues. It’s a unique opportunity to get an insight into the inner life of another person, a budget-friendly activity for the whole family. On that note - have we mentioned that Queen Street Gallery is officially a dog friendly gallery? That’s right, you can appreciate art side-by-side with your four legged friends without worrying about getting booted out.


To kick things off for winter, we’ll be hosting a collaborative exhibition spanning the Main Gallery and The Cwtch. ‘Ritual’ by Rosemary Cassidy Busewell and Judith Railton combines the vivid colours, mystical themes and restless energy of the two artist's work. Both come from a background of studying textiles, and this is evident in the presence of fabric and stitch that weaves its way through their canvases and 3D artwork. Aside from their shared interest in textiles, Busewell and Railton have responded to the theme of Ritual using an equally fascinating but entirely different approach. See the exhibition for yourself by visiting Queen Street Gallery anytime between 11am and 4pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays.

They Won Oscars, Mun!

To promote the event of a four day film festival at the Gwyn Hall, we’ve dedicated a window to the work of Bert Evans, a gallery artist who has produced a series of portraits depicting local legends of film. From Richard Burton to Ray Milland, Evans has a well-founded reputation for capturing the subtle dynamism of the Welsh spirit. All work is available for purchase. You can find out more about the film festival ‘They Won Oscars, Mun’ by clicking here.

New Opening Times

We are now opening from 11am till 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday, with exceptions made to artists deliveries/dropping off work.

Studio 40 News

Celf Crefft Cymru

A few months back, we sat down with pen, paper and a strong dose of caffeine to brainstorm ideas for a collaborative exhibition in Studio 40. A few open calls and a dozen email threads later and Celf Crefft Cymru was born. Spanning from October till November, this is an international exhibition of art and craft, featuring artwork from as far afield as America, and as close to home as Neath. We believe in the power of nurturing creative communities here at Queen Street Gallery, and the combination of local and international artwork is the perfect way to break barriers, spark debate and sow seeds for future collaborations. Featuring artists including Paula Farebrother, Christine Moore and Caitlin Eve, this is a unique opportunity to see a vast range of groundbreaking contemporary work under one roof.

New Volunteer

Just a quick introduction about a new member of the team over at Studio 40. Michigan Jones is a Husky-Lab based in Neath. Her favourite walk is Briton Ferry Forest. She's very kindly given up her weekends to do a bit of admin for us.

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