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Still Life Acrylic Masterclass with Bert Evans
Sunday 3rd March 2024
11am - 1.30pm
Venue: Victoria Gardens Community Room, Victoria Gardens, Neath, SA11 1HW 
£70 per person per day 

Materials are not supplied, for each class you will need the following painting materials:

Acrylic paint.


Painting surface– canvas or paper towels.

Plate for mixing or artists palette.

Rag/paper towels.

Water container.

 Soap for clean-up.


Palette knife.

Scraping tools, sponge, toothpick, etc.

Masking tape.


In addition to the above you will ned to bring a soft toy and patterned cloth such as a tea towel for the Still Life class.


In this introductory class, each student will produce a finished painting for the day.

Bert will teach you how to apply traditional still life composition principles in a simple and contemporary manner. By focusing on classical principles essential to old master paintings, you will learn techniques such as preparing the surface, drawing out, mixing colours, blocking-in, and creating the illusion of three-dimensional shapes through observation of cast and form shadows. Additionally, you will explore the significance of harmonious colour schemes and incorporating texture to guide the viewer's attention.


About Bert

Bert Evans was born in Port Talbot in 1948. He specialised in painting at Newport collage of Art 67-72 where he found the help and advice by such painters as Jack Crabtree and Selwyn Jones so important in his development.

He is primarily a painter of light, which he says makes the most mundane scenes and subjects interesting. His loose approach complemented by a good understanding of colour always attracts a positive reaction from observers. He is a firm believer in only painting from situations he has witnessed firsthand. ”How else can I be sincere in my work?” he asks.

Although he has enjoyed experimenting in watercolour, it is his acrylic paintings that have earned him his reputation and he can count Hollywood actor Michael Sheen to be a big fan of his work, having purchased several Bert Evans Originals.

Still Life Acrylic Master Class

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