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Sara Bentley Solo Exhibition.

My art career began in my thirties when I was diagnosed with a rare heart and lung condition and soon after forced to retire. I am a scientist by training and expression via art had never been encouraged when I was young. So I decided to take on something completely different to give me some focus and positivity as I had just lost my purpose in work. Since then art has become an incredible part of my life, connecting me to the freedom that my health has curtailed. It allows me to stretch my wings and explore mountains that I can no longer climb. If I am making big sweeping marks then I am connected to the wind and the big sweeps of the hills or the sea. If I am using bright colour then I feel the flowers! It also gives me a sense of accomplishment and an identity that I lost when I had to retire. Art makes me visible and powerful again.

The depth and texture that I try to capture in my work reflects the history and layered nature of the land around me here in South Wales, but it also provides opportunity to explore my own deeper feelings. It opens up the relationship that I have between myself, my surroundings and my work. In my work I use several different media, including acrylic paint, handmade collage papers, various pastels, pencils, ink and anything else to hand.

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