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ARTISTS / Sarah Churchill

After spending a large part of my life in the West country, I moved  to South West Wales 12 years ago and have never regretted it.

I instantly fell in love with the mountains, rivers, valleys and waterfalls here.

I rediscovered my love of art a few years ago and

although I studied Art and History of Art after school, life happened and I never followed my dream of

becoming an artist at that time, but the natural surroundings here sparked a flame that has continued to burn. 

After studying in the studio of a local artist, my love of creating art was reignited and  I quickly realised that

my inspiration does not come from objects or views in themselves, but the effect of light and shadow on trees, the wind on the leaves

and the movement of water.  To capture a glimpse of sunlight on water and freeze a moment in colour and medium is an attainment

worth reaching for. 

The creation of a piece of art is a journey that will never be completed as there will always be a new discovery,

a new direction to follow, a new inspiration.  I find that exciting and look forward to exploring these avenues with anticipation.

A treasure to keep and a joy forever.

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