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Bert and Bren Evans

2nd - 27th March 2024

While they have showcased their art together numerous times in mixed shows, this show marks their second joint exhibition at Queen Street Gallery.

Despite their contrasting approaches and styles, their work harmonises beautifully to create a captivating exhibit at the Gallery.

The duo first crossed paths at Newport College of Art in the Early 70s, with Bren studying Graphic Design and Bert focusing on Illustration.

Here are some thoughts from the pair....


I work in a variety of mediums and typically have multiple paintings in progress simultaneously, which helps keep things exciting. When one painting poses a challenge, I can easily switch to another and often find that the solution presents itself.


My artistic inspirations come from everyday life and I aim to portray the truth as I perceive it. I draw my subjects from a variety of sources, including photos and painting en plein air. My creativity flows freely as the mood strikes.


While people are a common theme in my artwork, I find portraiture particularly captivating as it allows me to delve into the intricacies of a face. The human form is endlessly fascinating.


Occasionally, I incorporate reference materials into my work, as seen in my Tiger Bay Quartet series.



Despite having my own studio, I prefer to work in our cosy living room next to our two little dogs – I value my comfort. Meanwhile, he (Bert), is working in his garden shed.

Hailing from Holy Island, Anglesey and growing up by the sea, the sea is a frequent inspiration for my paintings.

However, painting outdoors is not for me!

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