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I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting in a range of art media. Since I was given early retirement in 2014, I’ve been extremely fortunate in having the time to devote to my painting.

My subject matter is quite varied, including still-life, landscape and figure compositions. Depending on the time of year, I enjoy working out of doors, working from direct observation of nature.  I supplement this with information taken from my own photographs, (I’ve usually got a camera somewhere close at hand!).

The majority of my paintings are in acrylic, with its quick drying time it allows me to build up and alter the painting as it progresses.  However I really love drawing and in my drawings I will use a range of media (pens, inks, watercolour, charcoal, etc), which gives me a freedom which I enjoy.

We are so fortunate living in Wales, we are usually just a short distance from beautiful scenery, even urban areas have some corners that inspire ideas for paintings.   

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