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ARTISTS / Alexander Fox-Robinson

The Brown Paintings

This series explores the relationship between pre-modern and post-modern art, through a focus on storytelling. This takes the shape of large monochromatic crowds, involving many commonplace activities and interactions. The themes used in this series aim to be deeply familiar: Chaos, order, purpose, love, hate, identity and belief.

This particular Brown Painting: Purpose is a plow thrust forward by one lucky enough to have discovered it. He is pulled away by distractions and temptations, passing others who have failed or left their purpose and responsibility for hedonistic pleasure. The underpainted style comes from the preparatory sketches of Rubens and the wild movement of Goya, the crowded scenes are influenced by Bruegel The Elder. This kind of wash technique allows me to sketch and sketch over the top again, this allows the freedom of the sketchbook and avoids the sterile look that an overworked painting can have.

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