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ARTISTS / Anita Woods

Anita Woods is a figurative artist inspired by the animals, landscape and sea of West Wales where she lives and works. She paints in mixed media and sometimes in oil or watercolour. Anita also runs day and residential art workshops which are tailor made to suit the individual or group’s requirements.


“I spend a lot of time walking near my home on the coast, in the mountains, valleys and woodlands and along the coastal path through the patchwork of fields, cliff tops and beaches. I find great inspiration for my paintings, particularly the animals, both wild and domesticated, on land, in the sky and the sea. 


Cats and dogs, foxes and hares are all a source of inspiration. Light on feather or fur and a watchful eye".


Anita has sketched and painted throughout her life. It is something of an obsession with her and she is

constantly learning and changing. she enjoys the freedom of mixed media and finding detail in the paint.


These works are painted in her distinctive style with an emphasis of capturing the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.

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