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Carlo Briscoe is half of Reptile Tiles and Ceramics. Reptile was set up in 1988, whilst living in London. In 1992, Carlo and Edward Dunn started producing fish and meat tile panels for Waitrose Supermarkets and painted for Around 70 shops over the next ten years.

In 1993, they relocated to West Wales on the Carmarthenshire Pembrokeshire border. They have painted tiles for shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and swimming pools. Most of their work however is small scale private commission work for bathrooms and kitchens.

The work is earthenware tin glazed ceramics, rooted in the Delft tradition. The work is first glazed and then they paint onto the glaze with a mix of oxides and underglaze colours. The tiles are then fired to 1055°C. During the firing the tin in the glaze absorbs the colour so that it becomes part of the glaze.

Inspiration comes from old ceramics and embroideries as well as from real life. Focus is on colour and humour giving the fish and animals their own personalities

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