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ARTISTS / Claire Hutter

Her love of colours and drawing led Claire into the world of watercolour painting at a sad time of life. The journey began as her first husband was making his journey from life to the God of light in heaven. Being creative with colours at such a difficult time drew her mind to a more peaceful place.

Watercolour painting, as many would say, takes more than a lifetime to master/perfect but the journey is fascinating, if not a little frustrating! Allowing the paint freedom to produce images of light and atmosphere, while still having some control is a tricky balance and often a battle!

In the words of a song, ‘Colours are meant to bring Glory to the Light, Glory to the Throne’ So Claire paints on, wanting to express her joy and hope at seeing the Lords light and beauty in creation. The Lord has taken Claire on a journey from pain to promise, with a new husband and two more girls. Busy with homemaking, homeschooling, church life and family life painting often has to be squeezed in! But the joy of creating and watching colours flow and mix is too exciting and enticing to be only squeezed in! Recently Claire has exhibited locally at Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr, Dowlais library, the Orbit Centre and Ygaleri Caerphilly.

She hopes as family life allows to pursue painting and to do more plein-air (outdoor) work. She enjoys painting flowers, landscapes and townscapes with the odd creature creeping in.

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