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Hidden Voices II        


7th – 28th September

Following on from their 2018 exhibition this sees artists Eleanor Flaherty and Paul Steer continue to explore their relationship with the wilds and the sacredness of the natural world, using a variety of media including found objects. This aims to reveal how we are all connected to something, far greater and more profound than we are usually aware of in our day-to-day lives. It is about creating an encounter with the mystery that is most easily accessible through the natural world.

Hidden Voices II_edited.jpg

Eleanor Flaherty


To connect to myself I connect to nature. My work is the expression of that connection, one that is more of a visceral feeling so expressing that in a visual way has led to experiments with different media including painting, photography and assemblages. 


I can find the sacred in a rock, a shell, the patterns of water, the sound of the wind in leaves. These are all windows to the sanctity of the world, where that which is most precious is being lost or forgotten in a society that puts material wealth first. 

Paul Steer

I have been working with the notion of ‘being’ the connection we have to life beyond the superficial- since my graduation from Portsmouth Polytechnic Fine Art Dept. In 1983. It is only in recent years that I realised that this is what my journey has been about.
Ontology, the study of being has become more focussed for me, and the fact that I am undertaking a Masters in Fine Art at UWTSD has enabled me to explore the theoretical side of being and experiment with unfamiliar materials.
I am currently working with glass in combination with plaster of Paris and the written word.
I believe that all art is to a degree meditative, and that it comes from a place that is ‘other’. We can all go there, whoever we are and wherever we are from.

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