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David Williams Landscapes 

6th 27th November 2021

I am a landscape artist living and working in Neath and have taught Physical Education at Llangatwg Community School in Cadoxton on the outskirts of Neath, since 2002. The landscapes of South and West Wales, and predominately the Vale of Neath provide the inspiration for my painting.

I have sketched and painted the Vale of Neath for as long as I can remember and my current body of work captures it’s fields, mountains and forest roads. I feel a great connection with this landscape as a result of many years walking, sketching and observing it in its many varied weather conditions. The landscapes of the Brecon Beacons, Pembrokeshire and North Wales are also depicted in this exhibition.

My paintings start with sketches on site with the final work completed in the studio. All the oil paintings have been produced using a palette knife. The palette knife has always been a favourite tool for me with oil paint the ideal companion in creating the thick layers in interpreting the landscape’s textures and forms.

David Williams Exhibition

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