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Main and Cwtch Galleries

Exhibition Date: 2nd – 30th October 2021

Art Textiles - Made in Britain Group Exhibition 


Queen Street Gallery is pleased to announce that, ‘Found’, the latest exhibition from the group, Art Textiles: Made in Britain, will be showing at the Gallery in October 2021.

The aim of the group has always been to showcase the diversity of British textile art and to help to ensure its future, by stretching new boundaries with vibrant work through the medium of contemporary embroidery, and diverse mixed-media disciplines.

The concept of ‘Found’ has proven to be a highly exciting source of inspiration and particularly rich in meaning – from revealed strata to found fabrics from the past that evoke memories and connection. Other ideas have come from the natural world and climate change, objects that have been lost and now found, or plastics and waste products, which have been recycled and embellished to create objects of beauty.

Each member has sought to find a personal aspect of the revealed and discovered worlds near to their hearts.


As a relatively new group, Art Textiles: Made in Britain also ‘found’ themselves invited to exhibit in Japan, Tokyo in 2020, and so have included ‘The Kimono Project’ as an extra to this exhibition.

The artists in Art Textiles: Made in Britain are Bethan Ash, Louise Baldwin, Pauline Barnes, Jessica Grady, Cas Holmes, Rosie James, Edwina Mackinnon, Sandra Meech, Sylvia Paul, Stephanie Redfern, and Christine Restall. They look forward to working and exhibiting with their guest artist Sarah Waters in their new ‘Found’ exhibition.

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