Portrait  Exhibition & Competition

Saturday 11th – Saturday 25th            

Private View and Prize Giving  Sunday 12th January 

An exhibition of portraits and entries from our portrait competition

Our first Portrait competition entrants and winners will be on shown alongside an exhibition of portraits by our gallery artists’ during the month of January. The Competition was aimed at encouraging artists to focus upon and develop portraiture in their work.

The selected works on show display a diversity of style and media, The competition is open to everyone aged 18 and over, with a first prize of a Master class with renowned portrait artist Bert Evans.

Don’t forget to vote in the People’s Choice Prize, vote during your visit to the exhibition. Please ask our staff for details.


The Listening Sea

Saturday 1st – Saturday 29th                                 

​PV Friday 31st January, 6 - 8pm

An exhibition of paintings by Kate Bell

Kate Bell's creative practice has taken her on a journey exploring the nature of place as a fluid human experience, which is felt, perceived, evoked and remembered. It stems from a fascination for the spiritual connection between the sea and land, both natural and mythological.

The coastal landscape is a place of memories, mystery and imagination. Kate is intrigued by what’s left behind, tracing and mapping the intangible, through exploration of the boundaries between land, sea and sky. Anomalies in the land and seascapes harbour portals into other worlds. We see traces on the land in the form of cracks, crevices, fissures’, alignment of stones, sea caves and shorelines.

Focus is placed on these ‘Thin Places’. They appear as movement of the sea on the land and where humans leave their mark, in the form of shipping lanes, buoys, navigational markers and lost vessels.

the use of perception of the sounds of the sea. From the calmest of days to treacherous winter storms there is an ever changing ‘sea music’, a continual dialogue between real geographies and the imagery in my work. There is an ever-immersive relationship between painting, music and poetry. Some paintings have been inspired by Vernon Watkins’ metaphysical poetry in combination with the archaeological history around the ancient Gower Coast.

Her paintings, continually question the boundary between representation and pure abstraction, expanding the notion of how land and seascape are explored.

Open Art Exhibition


Saturday 8th – Saturday 29th                                   

​Prize giving party - Sunday 9th February 2 – 4pm

Queen Street Gallery Open Art Competition - an exhibition of finalists and winners work will be on show in the gallery.



Towards the Light

Saturday 7th – Saturday 28th                               

PV Sunday 8th March, 4-6pm

New Abstract Paintings by  Felix Akulw  2018-2020

     "Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow."

      Kahlil Gibran


An exhibition of new paintings by Felix Akulw, who is equally well known under his real name of Andrew  Wluka.


"My paintings have no obvious, ( though sometimes tacit,)  references to the empirical world of sensate experience.

Rather they employ the languages and grammar of line, shape, form, colour, tone, mark-making and gesture to create individual and specific outcomes.

My working process is essentially an intuitive and organic improvisation where formal elements create ever changing dialogues between themselves and myself which on a good day can lead to exciting and unanticipated resolutions - we won't mention the bad days!

Someone once remarked that "Colours are promiscuous, they get infected by their neighbours" and the same is true of the relationships between other formal elements. So for as long as these relationships within the act of painting continue to ask questions of me and of themselves then the process continues. Hopefully this will continue to provide further interesting creative and intuitive responses in a variety of media."



All work is for sale and available to buy online, or by phone. Free delivery to anywhere in the UK.


Wales is home to some of the finest artists in the UK, many of whom have less recognition than they deserve outside their own country. Queen Street Gallery are proud to present a selection of artists from Wales -our homeland.

Our ‘Homeland’ exhibition, which opens on April 4th and runs until the end of May highlights the work of some of our favourite artists.


We feature Royal Cambrian Academicians, Patricia McParlan and Paul Joyner, together with rising stars, Maria Pierides, David Williams and Jacqueline Jones. Artists new to the gallery include, Sarah Rhys, Fiona Joyce and Julie Davis, but have no fear, gallery favourites, Beatrice Williams, Peter Evans, Robert Harrison, Sylvia Paul, Lesley Dearn, Dai David, Bert Evans and Roma Mountjoy, will all be showcased along with a vibrant collection of designer makers work from our craft shop.

All work is for sale and available to buy online, or by phone. During these trying times we are offering Free delivery to anywhere in the UK.


Gift Vouchers are also available to buy online so please get in touch by phone or email and stay safe!



Saturday 2nd – 30th 

PV Friday 1st May  6 – 8pm


An exhibition of paintings and collage by Sylvia Paul

Sylvia Paul  brings a joyous collection of her work to the gallery in May 2020.

Exuberant impasto oil paintings and intriguing collages in a range of subjects and sizes. The exhibition includes "A Show within a Show" a series of small framed studies reflecting aspects of her larger pieces.


Sylvia has been exhibiting in galleries for 40 years both in the UK and abroad. Her oil paintings are full bold and subtle colour with lashings of textural paint, inspired by nature in gardens, woodland and landscape. Developing her technique over the years she works expressively with a palette knife creating strong images that celebrate her love of colour and texture.


Various papers are used with acrylic paint in her collages sometimes with a more abstract approach. Working in layers, tearing the papers and building ideas as the painting develops. Sylvia enjoys experimenting with her ideas in this medium constantly moving forward with her work.

Sylvia will be running a collage workshop, for Queen Street Gallery on the 2nd and 3rd of May and her book 'My Life in Bits' is available for sale in the gallery.


Six in Conversation  [sic] exhibition


Saturday 6th June – Saturday 27th 

PV Friday 5th June  6 – 8pm

Six in Conversation is a group of women artists from West Wales.  We have been meeting for six years as a way of supporting each other and to share common goals in relation to our art practice.

As a group we believe this opportunity of exhibiting together is a way of communicating a ‘common voice’ and one that resonates with many meanings.   We all work within a broad range of media and often discover that we share similar intentions and ideas.  Above all we feel our work can become a platform for dialogue and conversation. 


The group comprises: Ro Croxford (Rogers), Janie Harrison, Penny D Jones, Sian Jones, Ruth Sargeant and  Philippa Sibert


Art Fair Wales

June 18th - 21st                                 


International Business Centre, Newport, Gwent


We are pleased to be attending Art Fair Wales for the first time.
Art Fair Wales

Some of the artists we will be representing are: Maria Pierides, Sylvia Paul, Paul Rossi, Robert Harrison, Bert Evans, Eloise Govier, Felix Akulw, Tony Botto, Beatrice Williams, David Williams, Paul Joyner and RomaMountjoy.
Please let us know if you'd like a ticket for 2 to the Private View on the evening of Thursday 18th June email: qeenstreetgalleryneath@outlook.com

July - August 

Summer Exhibition 


Saturday 4th July - Saturday 1st September      

PV Friday 3rd July

A vibrant Summer Exhibition to lift the spirits.

A changing exhibition of mixed work from the gallery artists. Work can be taken away on the day of purchase

24th – 25th July 

Plein Air Landscape Artist of the Year Competition

Prize giving and opening Sunday 26th July, 2-4pm

Exhibition of entrants and winners work showing during our summer show.

PS Don’t forget to vote in the People’s Choice Prize, vote during your visit to the exhibition. Ask gallery assistant for details.



Paul Joyner


Saturday 7th – Saturday 26th                                 

PV Friday 30th 6 - 8pm

An exhibition of original paintings and artworks by Aberystwyth - based artist Paul Joyner.


We Felt Wisps on the Wind - Thom and Jones


Saturday 5th – Saturday 31st
PV Friday 30th 6 - 8pm

An exhibition of work by Neath based textile artists, Sarah Thom and Jeanette Jones.

Taking inspiration from the land where we live, we use nature's resources to re-imagine the scenes around us.

Using the ancient technique of felting we combine wool, silk, and threads to create unique wool paintings.

They have been friends for many years and among their shared interests is a love of making beautiful handmade art from natures resources.


Art and Literature Festival

24th – 31st October

Neath’s first Festival of Art and Literature, will be taking place in venues and sites all over the town of Neath. Please check our website for regular updates.

November - December


Winter Exhibition

Saturday 9th – 24th December                               


Christmas party and Private View - Sunday 13th December 2 – 4pm

A wide-ranging, strong and vibrant exhibition for the Christmas season.
As always, we will be selling a diverse range of paintings by notable contemporary artists, with a good selection of works suitably sized and priced for Christmas presents.
We also have a beautiful collection of glass, ceramics, wood and sculpture as well as some lovely jewellery by Miya Yu, all ideal for Christmas presents or even as a treat for yourself.


Annual Portrait Competition

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th December     

10am - 4pm            

Our second Portrait exhibition will take place at our studio in Alfred Street Neath, over two days, 5th and 6th December, spaces are limited, so entrants are encouraged to register by return.

The Competition is aimed at encouraging artists to focus upon and develop portraiture in their work. The competition is open to everyone aged 18 and over, using any form of media.

All entries will be shown in an exhibition at Queen Street Gallery from 6th – 25th January 2021.

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