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I studied Illustration at Hull College of Art and gained a First Class Honours Degree in Graphic Design in 1987. I spent many years freelancing, illustrating childrens’ books, educational books and cards. One day I looked around and felt I needed a change of direction, so I booked myself onto a jewellery making course and was hooked.

My jewellery is made up of simple shapes, pattern and texture. I love to make very textural pieces using silver, copper, brass and occasionally gold, either by hammering, stamping or imprinting using my rolling mill. Each will very slightly due to the techniques used. I recently became a member of the Art House in Wakefield and refreshed my print making skills which sparked my exploration using wood, paint and print in my pieces, with the added bonus of bringing colour to my work. Using linocut patterns and the off-cut shapes left over from my laser-cut wood, I mono-print patterns onto the plywood, layering and playing until I like what I see. I work in an intuitive way and never really know what patterns and textures will emerge. Each piece is unique due to the mono-print technique. All wood is sealed using Renaissance wax to protect it.

I am forever doodling, so some work springs from characters in my sketchbooks. I still enjoy drawing and printing illustrations using linocut print. I was beginning to explore screenprint just before the COVID situation…so watch this space.

My studio is based in Wakefield, Yorkshire where I also have space to explore my drawing and printmaking as well as run small workshops.

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