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Canterbury Lofts

Illuminate - Art Textiles: Made in Britain  

Exhibition Date:  6th January - 17th February 2024


The Art Textiles: Made in Britain group of artists, will be showing their latest travelling exhibition in the Lofts in January and February - textile enthusiasts do not miss this show!

This new exhibition is the group’s fifth, launching at the Knit and Stitch at Alexandra Palace and we are so thrilled to have them with us here in Neath.

This new theme 'Illuminate' proves to be an exciting source of inspiration: 'To make something visible or bright, shining light on it, or help to clarify or explain its meaning'.

Aspects of all its richness have been explored: brightness - reflective or hi-vis textiles in urban settings: Japanese lanterns, fireflies, night lights - whether urban or stars, forest of the night poetry, gold as a trace element in neutral pathways, helping to give glimmers of connectivity. Other themes are throwing a light on nature and climate change, the use of renewable or natural materials, or by using new or limited procedures.

As expected, many different aspects of stitch and textile techniques are employed - felting, quilting, embroidery, mixed media, recycled materials and more.

Members of ART TEXTILES: Made in Brtitain include:

Bethan Ash, Louise Baldwin, Jessica Grady, Cas Holmes, Rosie James, Edwina Mackinnon, Sandra Meech, Sylvia Paul, Stephanie Redfern, Christine Restall and Sarah Waters. 

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