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Talking To Wolves


7th- 28th May 2022

An exhibition of paintings by Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline is a painter from Porth near Tonypandy Rhonda Cynon Taf. Recently she exhibited with the Mall Galleries in London but is fairly well known in Wales as part of the Welsh Group and a member of the Stuckist Movement.

Her work is exhibited internationally from America to Tehran. She describes her work as Figurative/ expressive but it is worth mentioning the Stuckist manifesto at this point where there is a quest for authenticity with uncensored expression.

Stuckists promote the medium of self-discovery fully immersed in the process of action, emotion, thought and vision. And a holistic approach where there is a meeting of the conscious and unconscious , thought and emotion, spiritual and material, Private and public.

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