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ARTISTS / Janet Chaplin

I have always been drawn to the sea the expanse of sky, sea and tones. The promise of possibilities of a wild and bracing experience. The coast of Pembroke has its own unique colour pallet of Prussian blues and Emerald greens to Payne’s grey and translucent Burnt Sienna.

The winter seas of Aqua and pinks have a translucent effect on the clean crisp atmosphere.  The building of surface and texture evokes a tactile experience of sand, sea and rock. A sense of place and my relationship with that place is at the heart of my practise, I work primarily from sketches drawn in situ. These inform my approach but soon emotion and memory guide me.

Graduating from Gwent College of Higher Education in Fine Art In the early 90s. I have worked as a Teacher of Art since then, painting and creating when I could. I have always painted using colour as a language to express my thoughts and feelings.

In the early years it was the effects of bright contrasting colours which concealed deeper throughs. During my 40s I used a very muted pallet working over patchwork canvases. 


I have a multi-disciplined style, soft sculpture, stained glass, bookbinding to name a few. Exhibiting in Italy and showing my work in Wales and beyond, plus excepting commissions have given me the confidence to use media and colour, texture and scale. But it’s my recent painting work which really has exciting me.

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