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Jess Parry

Retrospect exhibition

3rd – 26th July 2021


Jess Parry produces work that demands a reaction.

She is a painter at heart, in this exhibition she invites you  to explore  the process of her world.


"Each and every image I want you to confront, is an excess image of some junk.

Like a residue or a leftover.

A bodily extension of a bodily experience produced by a body.

This will be an intimate experience. Animate too.

I produce work that demands a reaction.

I am a painter at heart, and I invite you into my process. Into my world.

All this work is just a collection that shows you where I am now within my practice.

I sculpt. I perform and I draw but with that in mind, I always arrive at a painting.

Paint is like my blood like saliva is my spit.

Dear viewer, beware though.

What you are about to see are images that will be graphic. Raw and certainly have a monstrous taboo.

Provocative too.

For eyes that will be seen by me and you.

Full of tongues, teeth and the occasional red nail.

But don’t check your phone. You don’t have any mail.

They will be grotesque. Visceral. The human will be exposed after being behind closed doors for so long. This is a nod to the now.

All the work you are about to see has been produced in my bedroom studio, therefore I have slept, bled, breathed, cried and menstruated and at times ate within the same space as my work.

But dear viewer, enjoy my work and please anti-bac your hands.

I wouldn’t want a mutated mean dirty clean now...would I?

Thank you and enjoy.

P.S. I think I should’ve mentioned the word flesh somewhere in there."

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