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ARTISTS / Julie Davies

Julie was born and bred in the Ogmore Valley, which may be found at the heart of the South Wales mining valleys,  north of Bridgend. She has always had an interest in art from an early age, but has not received any formal training past A level.

Julie has enjoyed painting as a hobby, drawing inspiration from the landscape surrounding her home.

Naturally with her Welsh background, some of the artists whose work has inspired her are from Wales, such as Kyffin Williams, Kevin Sinnott, Shani Rhys James and Bert Evans. Her international influences include Monet, van Gogh and Renoir.

Since her retirement as a ward manager in a mental health unit in 2019, she has enjoyed developing her artistic skills using various styles. Currently she has developed a number of Valley and Welsh Reflections mainly through the medium of acrylic and ink.

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