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Exhibition Date:  2nd  - 30th September

A solo exhibition of paintings by Rachel Jones.

"After Graduating with a degree in Expressive Arts in the early eighties, I began my artistic career as a studio potter and tutor. Following a move to West Wales I became a primary school teacher until I was able to follow my heart back to creativity. 

In 2010 I discovered a passion for painting and with the help of several lovely art groups in Swansea, began the long search for my own creative voice. In 2021 I was delighted to become a gallery artist here at Queen Street Gallery.

My Landscapes are largely painted from memory and imagination; based on my travels in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. My aim is not to create a factual, visual record but to express thoughts and feelings inspired by my own experience of a place and the images it generates in my imagination.

I allow my paintings to evolve organically, one idea sparking the next. Using both figurative and abstract elements, my themes grow and change direction naturally.

I am particularly drawn to patterns created on the land by fleeting changes of light. For me, these transient effects bring to mind the history, folklore and culture of the area and I will often include references to this in my paintings. In my most recent work, I have used stylised pattern and collage to further blur the boundaries between the real and the imagined.

The series of owl paintings in this exhibition are inspired by the story of Blodeuwedd from the Mabinogion and also from the wonderful experiences of having barn owls nesting and rearing young in our garden. I see my work as a collaboration with the viewer; their response to the piece completing it in a way that is personal to them." 

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