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ARTISTS / Martin Lovell

Martin studied sculpture and drawing at West of England College of Art. He completed his post graduate studies with a primary focus on sculpture at Manchester College of Art. Subsequent experience involved teaching life drawing and sculpture at Teeside College of Art.

Following completion of a PGCE course at Cardiff University, he commenced teaching art and design in the secondary sector in Newport and eventually obtained the post of Head of Art and Design at a large comprehensive in South Gloucestershire.

From 1983 – 2004, he also enjoyed the opportunity as a part time lecturer at Bristol School of Art to leach life drawing to adults.

His personal practice largely focuses on painting and drawing although he has recently enjoyed re visiting his love of sculpture through ceramics. Martin has exhibited nationally and locally but his primary focus remains his passion for experimenting with a wide range of media whilst encouraging students to enrich and extend their own artwork through experimentation and also looking at the work of other practitioners.

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