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ARTISTS / Michelle Slee

Michelle Slee is an abstract artist living in Swansea. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, she crafts serene and evocative abstracts and landscapes infused with a touch of fantasy and enigma, each narrating a unique story.

Specialising in the use of oils and cold wax medium, Michelle employs these mediums to achieve a soft and atmospheric style, blending colour and value, textures, and marks. Her artistic objective is to instil a heightened appreciation for the inherent beauty in the world, encouraging individuals to immerse themselves in the present moment.

Michelle's art has achieved recognition, with her painting titled "Distant Summit" earning her the first prize in the Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre 2023 Peace Amongst Beauty Open Art competition. She also participated in the Yr Ty Celf, Llanelli 2023 Gorwel - Horizon exhibition. She has been a member of King Street Art Gallery in Carmarthen and Gower Crafts and Artisans.

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