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OUT OF THE BLUE - Colin Davies Exhibition

​3rd -  24th September 2022

​Exhibition statement

The Covid 19 pandemic brought many trials and tribulations to us all - testing resilience, stretching our patience, and greatly influencing our general well-being.

It is widely recognised that art, and particularly painting, can be hugely instrumental in helping one deal with the impact of stress and anxiety. Indeed, not for the first time in my life has art proven to be the successful mechanism for changing my own mood for the better; effectively lifting me from ‘feeling blue’ to a place of calmness, providing a sense of gratitude and a purpose to face whatever challenge life brings.

Whilst ‘landlocked’ at my home in Nelson, near Caerphilly and yearning to get back to the coast, I started a series of paintings during the ‘Lockdown’ periods of 2020/ 2021. Each piece is inspired by a love of the ocean and served as a means of getting my daily ‘fix’ of the sea - bringing the coast nearer at a time when I was unable to get to my Mumbles studio, overlooking the beautiful Swansea Bay. I decided that If I couldn’t be there in body, I would get there in spirit and thus set about painting the ocean each day.

The paintings exhibited are a small selection of the work produced during the last three years; more recently inspired by direct observation, but at the height of restrictions, from photographs, sketch book reference and the imagination and dreams of a ‘locked down’ artist. 


Colin Davies is a self-taught, professional artist based in South Wales. 

Inspired by the beautiful coastline and mountains of his home, his work often depicts the power and vitality of the ocean surrounding the Gower Peninsular.

Using mainly oil and acrylic paints, his expressive style is created with the generous application of paint using a palette knife, often finished with brush worked detail. Textural contrast creates mood and the impression of movement in the paintings.

Colin’s atmospheric representation of the rugged beauty of the coastline is emerging as a popular choice for both UK and international collectors and is now exhibited regularly at galleries across the country.

“I love to watch the sea whipped into a wind-blown frenzy, I can sit for hours, listening to the waves crash in a ferocity of noise and power. I strive to paint that noise and to communicate the drama of the powerful presence of unstoppable, grabbing water cascading inland with pounding fury.”

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