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This Ancient LAND


Paintings by Maria Pierides

2nd – 30th November

An exhibition of paintings inspired by Welsh landscape, Mediterraen heat

and Thunderbolts.


Born in Greece and growing up in Cyprus and the UK, I have always explored and processed the landscape, different cultures, light and personal experiences through my painting. The richness of these experiences is embedded in the process of the painting, of the building up and scraping back of the layers to explore and reveal what it means to be searching for an idea of home. A theme, I feel that is so relevant to many of us these days. 

Having moved to Wales, I continue to explore these ideas. I am enthralled by the beauty of the Welsh landscape, it’s history and myths and these come into my work as well. Inspiration comes from walking and sketching and photographing the landscape, and collecting materials that can be added to the painting.

The brooding skies, the way the cloud clings to the top of the mountain, the craggy textures, enlivening cold waterfalls. My joy when the landscape becomes bathed in light.


I have exhibited both nationally and internationally and have been shortlisted for the Threadneedle prize, the Royal West Academy, East Meets West Art Award , Maidstone Museum Art Award and The  British Women Artists Award.

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