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Paul Joyner RCA - Retrospect Exhibition

8th – 29th May, 2021

The exhibition contains some works from the 1970s and 80s, with the majority dating in the last 10 years. Those early works give an indication of my constant interests in the sea, gaps in the landscape and faith themes.

The multipart ' The finding of the True Cross' is the most ambitious of my faith works. I show it here, partly as a tribute to the great Welsh artist Will Roberts, whose studio was just around the corner.

Will's series of wonderful 'Stations of the Cross' charcoal drawings, now in the parish church, are testament to his skill, vision and generosity. Also, I believe it states that tragedy can be turned to hope; just as the Cross of Jesus was found and brought joy and miracles to generations (or so the mythology says). This work was based on the restoration of a local hotel at Aberystwyth, Tŷ Belgrave, which was destroyed by fire in 2019; one man died and a number of people had to be rescued. The series is  also inspired by the frescoes by Piero della Francesca at Arezzo. So a whole package of ideas put together, see what you think!

Trees are particularly special, so there are a number here, some done very recently, but all, I think, tend to emphasise the individuality of the subject. Trees are solid both in stature and spirit, sometimes I can capture those qualities in paint. 

A little hill overlooking Aberystwyth, called Pen Dinas has been a source of inspiration to me for 40 years. I show here a selection of my images of that landscape, which holds a balance between nature and people, maybe you will feel a sense of permanence and mystery of a place which was a settlement for centuries.

I also show a whole variety of other images, simply because they came along.  

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