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A non-objective abstract expressionist painter living in Pembrokeshire, my work is about energy which I capture through colour and gestural mark making.  My passion for gestural paintings comes from my life experience because I have a condition called FND (functional neurological disorder) which means that I get very tired on a daily basis.  In each piece I attempt to capture the energy that I wish I could harness.  It is this communication in energy that I strive for in my work. 


My goal is for the viewer to have an emotional response to the piece, a connection - to feel that jolt of life energy, the gestural movement as I created the piece and as a result to be inspired to feel bold and courageous, full of energy.

Painting intuitively rather than from an object or a scene, I want the painting to be its own experience rather than depicting an object of some kind; for me this is powerful and stimulates us on a deep level.  But I am still influenced by my surroundings, I notice colours, shapes and marks in my environment and these will come through in the artwork subconsciously.  I want to capture both that beauty and wildness I feel, because for me they are a metaphor for my own struggles every day.  For example a clump of wild flowers fighting against the cold coastal winds to thrive, or a pile of rusting junk - gnarly and weathered - offering a moment of unexpected beauty in its colours and shapes.

Painting this way gives me an opportunity to communicate the emotions that I can’t find words for, the colours and marks giving me freedom to express myself in my own unique way.  I love that painting without a recognisable object or scene offers a freedom to the viewer to ascribe their own meaning within a piece and connect emotionally with the energy in their own way.

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