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Artist in the Spotlight: Louise Collis

"With beautiful mountains and fantastic coastline on my door step, I am constantly in awe and inspired by the changing colours, light, evolution, communities and history of the landscape. Living in the South Wales Valleys I am often able to view entire clusters of communities within the landscape."

"I am never without my sketchbook and can usually be found sat on a hillside painting on a sunny day or inside my car/studio on a rainy day. All my paintings are completed outdoors, I enjoy intensity of devoting time to a painting on location where I can observe and understand the landscape, becoming absorbed in it, teasing out the truth of the view and my interaction with it. I often try to record communities from the hillsides above working out the preoccupations and concerns of those communities by the prominence and condition of landmarks. My paintings will always have a story to tell of its subject."

"I will often simplify elements of a view as I don’t want to accurately record the intricate detail but capture the essence and energy, so terrace streets may become a repeat pattern and trees suggested with one brushstroke."

"I work in oils to keep my colours as vibrant as those presented in front of me, I often scratch into the painting to suggest detail and flow. A painting will always be completed in one sitting without the use of backup photography as I feel it is important to record my experience of the day rather than a short moment of time recorded by a camera.


My aim is to encourage everyone to enjoy, appreciate and interact with their surroundings through my art."

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