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Artist in the Spotlight: Maureen Carlson

After attending Cardiff College of Art in the 60’s,  I  taught the subject for the next  thirty years. I then managed adult education courses in the Bridgend area until I retired and returned to painting and drawing.

I attend life drawing and portraiture classes at Cowbridge Community College which I find stimulating and necessary to continue developing my work.

My influencers have varied over the years from Freud to Colin Davidson and Jonathan Yeo.

I use acrylic and oil paints, charcoal, graphite and pastels mostly in my work which would be described as representational. I work mostly from photographs I have taken of people and plants, and recently fruit and vegetables for still life paintings.

Through art I have made good friends where conversations never finish. I find the ability to able to lose yourself in your work the best part of the process as well as never being completely satisfied with what is produced.

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