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Artist in the Spotlight: Rebecca Rowland-Chandler

Updated: Jun 6

Rebecca Rowland-Chandler creates objects of beauty that allude to the natural world, researching structural and decorative elements that combine the organic with the geometric. She is a graduate from University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, and currently works from her home studio in North East London. Pieces from her collections are available at the Pyramid Gallery, York, Chalk's Gallery, Lymington, and many are available to purchase directly.

The Icelandic Collection is inspired by her travels, focusing on Iceland's otherworldly and elemental landscape, featuring vivid, jewel-like colours and dynamic contrasts.  She fuses a rich textural surface by meticulously arranging frits to build up shade, colour, and tone, like a painter forming a painting, focusing on pattern, abstraction, and mark-making. The Anglia Collection celebrates the colour and light of Britain's spring and summertime.

Her Graduate Collection, inspired by sedimentary rocks in Hunstanton Cliffs, Norfolk, in which she developed a layered design for all landscapes she responded to. Focusing on the formation of repeating patterns in the natural world and how they can be distorted and abstracted when perceived from alternate perspectives. She translates these markings into complex designs to incorporate into layers, exploring the unique medium's materiality, fluidity, and beauty.

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