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Back with a Bang!

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

A Message of Apology from The Team

Hello everyone,

We are back with a host of exciting news from the team at Queen’s Street Gallery!

First things first, we’d like to extend an offer of apology for our silence over the past few months.

Since we got cracking in 2018, we’ve been pushing the limits of inclusivity, with the aim to make participation with the arts an all-embracing experience.

That’s why, late last year, we began working on developing a modern space where members of the public with a huge range of ability levels can take part in open-space workshops.

Plus the space to host International art exhibitions and Events, and provide studio space to local artists.

Inevitably, this has taken up a vast amount of our time and resources, leaving us little space for blogging.

We’re now back for 2022 with a host of engaging exhibitions and projects for the coming year. We are expanding our community-based workshops and planning an Art and Literature festival for 2023.

Here is an update on the year so far. and videos of the shows we produced, starting off with a video of Graham Parkers stunning February show, Beyond The Horizon.

February Exhibition: Beyond The Horizon - Graham Parker solo show

Back with a Bang!

Are you looking back over the last five months wondering where the time has gone?

We certainly are. 2022 has been a milestone for Queen’s Street Gallery.

Within the span of a few months, we’ve branched out, bringing a touch of contemporary British Art to the heart of Neath.

March Exhibition: From Field To Shore - Heather Littlejohns

This year, we finally received the keys for Studio 40 – our ground-braking new art centre, just a stone’s throw from our Queen’s Street base.

At Studio 40 we will be giving a platform to contemporary artists throughout the UK and beyond, to exhibit their work in thought provoking exhibitions. We will also providing Masterclass workshops by professional artists from around the UK.

Studio 40, Queen Street, Neath

Allow us to take you back to early 2021

If you’re a Neath native, you may recall Number 40, Queens Street as an empty vessel, tarnished with a demoralizing ‘To Let’ sign, sadly a common sight across Town Centres throughout South Wales today.

It only takes the imaginative spark of a visionary mind, some well-earned funding, and the collective effort of a group of like-minded individuals to totally transform a derelict building into a creative mecca. Therein lies the story of Studio 40!

It has taken sleepless nights, absurd amounts of coffee and hundreds of lost sticky notes. Now that Studio 40 is ready for opening on the 21st May, it’s fair to say it was well worth the effort.

Over April, we also saw the opening of Blooming Lovely in the Queen’s Street Gallery, a joint floral exhibition brought to you by the gallery’s artists.

April Exhibition: Blooming Lovely! Mixed flower show

Over Easter, a collection of work by local artist Rhona Tooze was on display in Queen’s Street Gallery. Visitors interested in Tooze’s technique who wanted to find out more were invited to take part in live workshops over in Studio 40.

The dynamic relationship between Queen’s Street Gallery and Studio 40 is an inherent part of the original vision for the re-vamping of the Neath Creative Art scene, set out by local artist Bethan Ash.

April Exhibition: Welsh Life - Rhona Tooze

What’s On the Agenda - Exhibitions by Jacqueline Jones and Stephanie Redfern

Currently, we are hosting the work of Jacqueline Jones, in the main gallery with Stephanie Redfern, showing her stunning embroideries in the corridor space. Both exhibitions will be on display until the end of May.

May Exhibition: Talking To Wolves - Jacqueline Jones

May Exhibition: Stories of the Bower Bird: - Stephanie Redfern

'Corgis and Coronets' Open Exhibition and Auction

In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee and her Majesty's love of animals, our 'Corgis and Coronets' is an open exhibition, which will host entries from artists all around the UK, alongside a special appearance from artists across the Atlantic! Participants have been busy capturing their furry friends in every medium and style imaginable. We’d love to see you at our private view, opening on 20th of May, 5-8pm. All profits raised from our auction in June will be donated to the Animal Rescue Centre.

Coming soon!

Joint Show with Sandra Wintle and Tracey Lewis: ‘Energy, Flow, Form’

Opening on June 4th, the joint exhibition by Wintle and Lewis is a celebration of the relationship between two friends and the inspiration they take from their immediate environment. Their work will be on display until 25th June 2022.

Sandra Wintle

Tracey Lewis

Also on show in our Cwtch Gallery in June is the wonderful work of Porthcawl artist Maureen Carlson.

Maureen Carlson Garden: ‘The Way I See It’

Influenced by the work of Georgia O’Keefe and Lucien Freud, Carlson combines traditional media and organic subjects to explore the appealing charm of everyday subjects. With a plethora of teaching experience behind her, Carlson’s work is a testament to her ability to handle media with dexterity and flair. Carlson’s work will be open to the public until June 25th.

Maureen Carlson

Street Life - Plein Air Open Competition

Street Life is an open-air competition combining painting, film, photography, poetry, and short story/play writing. Painters will take to the streets of Neath between 23rd – 26th June 2022 in or fourth Plein air open competition. During this time we will be holding - poetry, short story competitions and creative writing classes. Works produce from the classes and short-listed entries will be shown during next year’s Neath Art and Literature Festival. entry forms for these will be on our website soon.

Bert Evans painting - St David's Church, Neath

Please get in touch if you’d like to get involved in the organisation and planning of our Art and Literature Festival, we’re on the look out for volunteers to join the planning team.

We hope you keep well and safe and to see you at our Studio 40 opening or at Queen Street Gallery soon,

All the very best,

Bethan and the team

More videos from our past shows, info on all the exhibitions can be found on our website

March Exhibition ; ‘The Old Man, Mad About Drawing’ Hokusai - Steve Roe

February Exhibition: OPEN 22 - Annual mixed art show

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