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February News

Open Art Competition 2024 Winning Entry by Simon Goss

Open Art Competition 2024

Our annual Open is now on display in the gallery and will be up until Saturday 24th. We've had amazing and varied entires this year, thank you to all who submitted work.

We'd like to congradulate our winners for this year:

First place - Simon Goss

Second Place - Alison Richards

Third Place - Judith Jones

Thank you to everyone who attended the Opening, it was a great turnout!

Big thanks to our judges for making the difficult decision and also a massive thank you to all the artists that took part. We are so lucky to have been provided with such amazing and varied work!

Simon Goss will be exhibiting with us next year during the next Open Art Competition.

‘Water, Pigment and Light’ by Heather Littlejohns

‘Water, Pigment and Light’ by Heather Littlejohns, winner of last years Open Art competition, will be on display in our Cwtch Gallery from Saturday 3rd February till Saturday 24th alongside our Open show.

Heather is an amazing watercolour artist and her incredible work is not to be missed!

Heather will also be running a watercolour workshop if you'd like to attend and learn more about her artistic process, you can book a place here:

Upcomng Exhibitions

Next month we will be having members of The Welsh Group exhibiting with us as well as a joint show of work by Bert and Brenda Evans. Bert will also be running some workshops, stay tuned for more information.

Lastly, Illuminate by ART TEXTILES: Made in Britain will be ending on the 17th so if you haven't seen that amazing show yet be sure you do before it ends!

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