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International Textile Exhibition

International Textile Exhibition!


17th May - 15th June 2024.


Remembering the Past: Creating the Future.


Studio 40 and Queen Street Gallery are proud to present our first International Textile Exhibition!


We are delighted to have had such a huge response to our global call for submissions, and will be showcasing the work of 71 artists representing twelve countries! 

Chile, Eire, Finland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sri Lanka, U.K. and U.S.A!

This comprehensive show features 89 pieces of work, exhibiting an incredible variety of contemporary textile art, in various mediums and techniques, all of which communicate to us the individual artist’s skill and ideas.  The emotions, the imagination, and the capabilities of each participant is expressed in the creations displayed in this presentation, which promises to be an exciting and inspiring exhibition.

The artists featuredin the exhibition are:

Alastair Duncan, Amanda Puleston, Angie Hughes, Beth Smith, Bethan Ash, Birgit Herzber-Jochum, Brenda Miller, Carol Bartlett, Caroline Stealey, Cas Holmes, Catherne Hiles, Christine Howell, Cristina Hirtescu, Dawn Elliott-Jones, Denise Blanchard, Dinahvagina, Dorothy Morris, Ecaterina Mărghidan, Elena Brebenel, Emily Tull, Ezma Zhao, Gunta Andrews, Hanna Wojdała-Markowska, Jacqueline Brill, Jane Sanders, Janine Hadley, Jude Sovin, Judith Hale, Judith Railton, Julie Brunskill, Karen Saunders, Kerri Thomas, Leila Bebb, Leila Lipiäinen, Lesley Howells, Liz Quay, Lynne Bebb, Mădălina Vieriu, Meg Singer, Mel Hobday, Melanie Fritz, Merlith Thomas, Mette Sofie Roche, Neale Howells, Nia McIntosh, Patrizia Panizzolo, Patti McKenna, Patti Taylor, Paulina Poczęta, Penny Maltby, Phil Alder, Piotr Pandyra, Pip Wolfe, Rachel Willis, Raluca Simona Loghin, Rosemary Cassidy Buswell, Sian Lester, Spike Dennis, Sue Hiley Harris, Sumith Gopura, Susan Bowhay-Pringle, Sylvia Paul, Vibeke Andersen, Vivian Rhule, and Yvonne Shore

You can view more of the exhibition here

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