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No Place Like Home: Make Your Own Magical Shoes

No Place Like Home:  Make your own magical shoes


In L. Frank Baum’s ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy Gale is transported by cyclone from her home in Kansa to the strange and magical Land of Oz.

It’s only at the end of the novel that Dorothy discovers that the magical silver shoes (ruby slippers in the 1939 film) that she was wearing had the power to send her home all along. She claps her heels together three times and is magically transported home to Kansas.

We are inviting you to create your own pair of magical shoes that reminds you home and would magically transport you there if you found yourself in the Land of Oz. The shoes could be inspired by traditional shoes from your country such as traditional sandals or clogs, based on your hobby or passion e.g. sports or ballet/dance shoes. Let your imagination run wild!

The shoes could be 3D, a 2D drawing or painting or a decorated pair of old shoes your no longer need.

Have fun and be creative!

Key Details:Submission Deadline:  01/09/24

Delivery Deadline: 28/09/24

Exhibition Dates: 05/10/24 – 20/10/24

Location: Neath, South Wales, UK

Please email submissions to

More Information here

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