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Mail Art and Creative Collage Workshop with Katya Muñoz

Workshop Theme: 'Women at War'

Saturday 16th July

11am – 1.30pm

£35 resources included

Participants: Anyone can participate regardless of gender or age. No previous experience is required, only the urge to be creative!


This workshop aims to generate a theoretical and practical approach to the artistic movement of postal art or "Mail Art" emerged in the 70's in NY. A brief review of his evolution and philosophy, as well as updated information to start as an artist email.

It also aims to develop a workshop in which the creativity of each participant will be unleashed by creating their postcards within the female imaginary with different combinations of techniques, such as drawing, painting and collage mainly.  At the same time that with these works they can be part of ABOUT WOMEN-International Mail Art Project on Women that travels around the world.



  • Projection of a short PowerPoint presentation to contextualize what Mail Art is and show some examples of pieces of postcards belonging to the ABOUT WOMEN collection.
  • An   idea of the various possible thematic axes to work within the female imaginary will be given. The approach that each participant gives to their postcard will be of their own choosing.


  • Workshop:  Practical exercise in which each participant will create their pieces with the guidance of the workshop, applying above all the technique of creative collage and mix media.


  • All the material will be included, they will be mainly recycling, papers, cardboard, photographs, magazines, paintings, etc.


  • Participants will have the option to bring special materials they would like to work with, such as old photographs (original or photocopied), papers with special textures, small objects, poems, threads etc.


  • The size of the pieces will be 10 x 15cm. They can make the postcards they want.



  •  They will also be given information and links of interest so that they can start as an email artist.


Each Participant will receive by email the article #ABOUT WOMEN _MI RELATION TO THE MAIL ART 2.0 Publication in the book: Postscript: Esperanza Recuerda. Mail Art Collection.  University of Granada.  written by Katia Muñoz.  [reduced version consists of 3 sheets]


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