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Lynne Bebb and Vivian Rhule

9th – 30th March 2019   

Lynne Bebb  & Vivian Rhule use materials and a shared visual language of shape, movement, texture and form to explore the connectivity of the past and the immediate present.


Ancestral stories and shared memories that encapsulate universal truths are reworked in art works that are relevant now, today. We hold close the past to understand the present.


Lynne Bebb  

I am a sculptor who enjoys working with paper.

My approach is one of experimentation. I have used print making techniques and recycled newsprint to explore narratives of Isolation and the loss of identity caused by the effects of dementia and by the forced separation of children from their parents that happened in the past, is happening now and all over the world.

I have created pieces that have the potential for the re-working and the re-telling of stories that hold to universal truths.


Vivian Rhule 

As a Felt maker I enjoy working and reworking textures, printmaking and remembering old and new saying that sometimes our world revolves around.

Here I have used Wool, Cyanotype and recycled materials to explore what we do to nature.

Lightly touching upon animals as commodities, trophies. Our expressions and treatment of people who are different from ourselves. Highlighting Albinism here and in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

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