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ARTISTS / Ro Croxford

Born in Pembrokeshire in 1970 and enthused by art and a love of the natural environment since childhood, I initially pursued a career in aquatic and marine conservation after gaining a BSc in Geological Oceanography. These interests now drive my creative practice and in 2012 I completed a BA in Design Studies / Fine Art Painting at West Wales School of the Arts in Carmarthen, gaining first class honours.


Living on the western edge of Wales, my love of the coastline is central to my work. Observations and experiences within that landscape, a meeting place between land and sea, provide a source of ideas, which are re-worked in the studio as a means to express my perception of ‘place’ through a visual language.


Employing mixed media and often incorporating collage and found ephemera, my work emerges from an intuitive enquiry into the physicality of materials. The process of making - layering, concealing, revealing, eroding - reflects the Earth’s elemental processes; providing the interface with which to translate subtle connections between the outer physical landscape and the inner mindscape.

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